HealthTech Pre-Accelerator Programme

HealthTech Pre-Accelerator Programme – helping to deliver smarter healthcare

picture of Ken McGrath, Head of Government Sales at eir Business

Ken McGrath


A few weeks ago, we got talking to the team at NDRC about their new HealthTech Pre-Accelerator Programme.  We jumped at the opportunity to support the programme – here’s why.

HealthTech promises to be a wonderful initiative with far-reaching potential. With the HealthTech Pre-Accelerator Programme there is a real opportunity to be part of something amazing that could ultimately impact on the health of the nation.

Finding simple, yet effective solutions to existing healthcare challenges is what this Programme is all about. The goal of identifying digital technology ideas that have the potential to disrupt and solve global healthcare challenges has really hit home with us at eir Business. With our 90,000 business and Government customers we’re already seeing first-hand how technology can create real efficiencies and help companies to truly innovate.

This future of a smarter, more integrated healthcare system is in everyone’s best interests. And we at eir Business are fascinated to see what comes out of this exciting programme. Right now we’re looking at the beginning of what is shaping up to be an enthralling few years in the healthcare sector.

The ability to truly innovate is strengthened by collaboration, whether it’s bouncing ideas off a colleague or forming strategic partnerships. That’s what’s so special about the HealthTech Pre-Accelerator Programme. It’s a collaborative, inclusive initiative with the sole aim of enhancing Ireland’s e-Health programme. The NDRC and e-Health Ireland simply want to find the best and most innovative solutions to the many healthcare challenges out there and work together as a team to bring these ideas to life. So what are you waiting for? Grab hold of this opportunity to submit your ideas and be part of this exciting programme.

HealthTech is looking for people to change how healthcare is delivered in Ireland and beyond. Is this you?

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