Attending the Irish Technology Leaders Group (ITLG) in Cork felt like being at the Web Summit for Grown Ups


We are pretty lucky in Ireland. There is a global phenomenon that surrounds the Irish. It’s a network that exists. It’s a legacy going back centuries of Irish seeking a better life and opportunities overseas. It’s called the Diaspora.

What is in action at ITLG in Cork is an embodiment of that diaspora at work – at its very best in the spirit of the Irish Technology Leaders Group (ITLG) hosting their annualĀ Silicon Valley comes to Ireland.

It’s the brightest and best venture capital, technology and business minds converged at Cork City Hall for a conference on investing, technology trends, venture capital funding, being Irish in the world today and what that means for our futures. There is a glow of ambition, bon homie, success — and all that is the best about the Irish when they get together to have an Oireachtas on what we can achieve in the future by harnessing the diaspora. Its aim is to create more innovation and jobs.

It’s like the Web Summit for grown ups where success is tangible in listening to the Irish abroad who have made it to the highest positions in technology in the US. This list of speakers is very impressive with Barry O’Sullivan of Cisco, Una Fox of Disney, John Hartnett of Palm, Rory Mc Inerney of Intel and Kevin Barrett of Elan. All of these highly successful individuals are giving their time and offering their advice and deep experience to encourage the next generation to harness technology in their careers and invest or get investment in the next big thing.

Credit is due to John Hartnett’s energy and drive. He has created a vehicle for positivity. Craig Barrett, Former Chairman & CEO of Intel is in Cork today asĀ Chairman of the ITLG. He has been tapped as a member of the diaspora to advise, motivate and offer some common sense advice to the assembled delegates. He manages to speak in a jargon free manner but with a depth of experience that only comes with decades of engineering and business excellence. He is not a young man, but speaks only of the future and ambition for what comes tomorrow and in years to come. He looks forward in terms of ambition and technology, and forging the two to create something worth investing time and money in. Organisations across the globe would aspire to having Craig Barrett as their chair, but he chooses to invest his time and energy in the ITLG, Ireland; he believes the future is created in innovation, finance and business by having the right education goals, entrepreneurial zeal and competitive edge needed to win in a highly competitive investment world.

All recession-speak has been left at the door of the Cork City Hall – the ITLG is a zone of positivity and forward thinking, harnessing technology and capital to generate growth.