Damian Duffy

Head of IoT at eir Business

Damian Duffy is Head of Mobility with eir Business where he works on machine-to-machine infrastructure projects. For more information about eir’s suite of mobility solutions, contact damian.duffy@eir.ie. If you would like to read more blog posts about mobility visit the eir Business blog.

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Securing Your Internet of Things Devices

What can you do to secure your Internet…

Damian Duffy, Head of IoT at eir Business, examines the growing trend of Internet of Things devices being hijacked, recruited into a botnet, and used to perform cyberattacks. What can enterprises do to minimise their exposure to this threat. Just … Continued

image to support mobility and the customer experience blog

Enterprise mobility and the customer experience

Mobility solutions are now commonplace in the enterprise. They’re being used for everything from driving productivity and enabling remote employees to streamlining processes. But mobile has the potential to be much more than that. Damian Duffy, Head of Mobility at … Continued

Making a start on mobilising your business

No matter what kind of organisation you are, you’re probably looking at ways to make your teams more productive and your services better. Have you considered how mobilising your business can help? At eir Business we work with a huge … Continued

How to overcome the panic of a lost…

It’s a fact of life that mobile phones are lost or stolen every day of the week. Smartphones in particular are a target for thieves due to the small size and high value of the devices. So how do you … Continued

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