CityJet is constantly looking to enhance the effectiveness of its organisation. In partnership with eir business, it has implemented a transformative mobile system that has revolutionised operations at the airline.

Transformative mobile system revolutionising CityJet operations

The Electronic Flight Bag mobilises a critical function within the airline’s operations. It allows pilots to replace the traditional heave flight bag with a fully electronic version that’s accessible by iPad, that integrates with key authorised systems, and that’s operational right across Europe thanks to eir business’ comprehensive roaming agreements

Methodical approach to understand CityJet's needs

eir business conducted a series of discovery workshops to understand the success criteria of the project. The proposed solution offered all the functionality and control CityJet needed, using proven technologies at an affordable price point. The solution includes a Mobile Device Management service, Mobile Data Management (secure internet access) and roaming data

"Working with just one provider - eir business - who was able to provide all the required components, has been a significant factor in the success of the project."

David Cadenhead

CityJet CEO

Enabling faster deliveries and lower fuel costs

eir business fully managed the project roll out and worked closely with CityJet throughout the process: from the logistics of getting iPads provisioned to the MDM policies that they would apply to them. This fully-managed approach led to the swift approval of the Electronic Flight Bag implementation and allowed the airline to move into the next phase of the project: implementing the Electronic Flight Bag fleet wide.

Striking a balance between security and usability

The eir business solution allows CityJet to control how mobile data is accessed by the iPads: all applications are locked down to WiFi, allowing only the Electronic Flight Bag app to communicate over the mobile network. This gives CityJet control over mobile data consumption while leaving pilots free to use the iPads as they wish while on WiFi.

Increased flexibility facilitates business expansion

Using the mobile system, CityJet pilots can operate scheduled and charter flights to more destinations. The ability for the platform to be used while mobile shortens CityJet's timelines for opening new flight bases. The system has also supported CityJet's business expansion into Scandinavia, operating flights to over 40 destinations in partnership with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

Award-winning innovation

The innovative nature of the Electronic Flight Bag and its proven success for CityJet are the key reasons the solution won the Tech Excellence Mobility Project of the Year in 2016.

Dramatic reduction in paper costs

In digitising the flight bag, CityJet has removed a massive amount of paper from its operations. This has not only reduced costs associated with paper, printing and ink but also dramatically reduced costs associated with delivery of documents to pilots all over Europe.

Delivering significant fuel savings

Replacing the heavy flight bag with an electronic device also reduces the weight on the plane. In all, CityJet has been able to reduce weight on the plane by over 100lbs per flight, which converts to a reduction in fuel consumption over the course of a year.

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