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A major upgrade of its core network has delivered enhanced connectivity and network reliability to Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi). As the organisation moves more and more of its operations online, a robust, high-performing network from eir business plays a key role.

Network upgrade delivers reliable performance for OSi

OSi has long been renowned for its commitment to cutting edge technology. It made Ireland the first country in the world to be mapped at a detailed scale and since then has moved its map distribution system online and enables its field surveyors to send large scale mapping updates from the field directly to the OSi database. OSi’s long relationship with eir business has been instrumental in its technological progression.

Ongoing network updates facilitate advances

OSi has a 1Gbps fibre connection at its headquarters in Phoenix Park in Dublin with a 100Mbps licensed wireless backup. Its six regional offices – Sligo, Kilkenny, Tuam,  Ennis, Cork and Longford – all have a 20Mbps connection back to its Dublin headquarters. As it moved more of its business online and digital maps became more detailed it was vital OSi had a reliable, high-performing network.

"One thing that stood out for us in working with eir business on this project is their nationwide coverage. This was a key factor for us as our GPS stations, and some of our regional offices, are based in distant locations."

Jennifer Gilmartin

IT Programme Manager at OSi

Reliable connectivity supports remote GPS stations

eir business upgraded connectivity at OSi's network of 26 GPS stations in remote locations around the country. Data from these GPS stations are streamed to a central location in Dublin for processing, which in turn facilitates the broadcast of precise corrections that provide accurate co-ordinates to field surveyors and other licenced users. A reliable network is essential to this process.

Service Level Agreement offers peace of mind

Comprehensive service level agreements provide for OSi's high speed fibre links and the digital lines to its 26 GPS stations. This gives the organisation full assurance that any issues arising will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. This confidence is vital given the importance of the OSi's networks to its business.

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