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Mobile ICT infrastructure: Deploy, Secure and Manage

Mobile ICT infrastructure: Deploy, Secure and Manage

  • New challenges to support mobile enterprise devices end-users
  • Remote monitoring and mobile-enabled sensors for improved logistics and decision-making

How do you maintain security and enforce ICT policies when so much infrastructure is mobile?

From the “bring your own device” revolution to the rise of the Internet of things, today’s IT directors have more data, more users and more security risks to manage than in decades past.

Mobile devices are now on every desk, from the CEO down. The average knowledge worker is already using than three connected devices, and those numbers are set to increase. Your approach to managing, deploying and securing mobile infrastructure needs to include best in class policies and rigorous oversight.

At eir, we work with enterprises, government and universities to help them connect, manage and secure mobile devices for integration with the enterprise network, in a controlled way. Plus, new possibilities exist for connecting to and monitoring data streams from any SIM-connected device, whether it’s a remote seismometer on the shores of Donegal or Dublin bus stops downloading updated arrival times. How will your organisation deploy, secure and manage a growing and mobile ICT estate?