Charity mobile apps: what you need to know

Mobile apps can help to boost donations, fundraising and volunteering activities, and can develop a new channel to keep your supporters engaged with your charity?.  Managing a non-profit in Ireland requires a lot of dedication and hard work, whether it … Continued

How to use Facebook to drive…

Small businesses are flocking to Facebook, taking advantage of its massive user base to create an effective online channel for their business. But what’s the best way to use Facebook to drive business sales and build brand awareness? First, let’s … Continued

The Top Five Free Online Digital…

Digital marketing is playing a larger role than ever in businesses’ marketing strategies, and in some cases it’s proving more effective than traditional marketing. This trend has not gone unnoticed by businesses who are constantly investigating how they can better … Continued

The Digital Reality

During 2014, e-commerce spending in Ireland increased by 30% to almost €5.6 billion, according to Visa. Breaking it down, Irish consumers spent €3.8 million online every minute on an average day. But there’s a problem: of those online purchases, a … Continued

Five e-commerce myths

Every company who wants to sell online needs to start in the same place: developing their e-commerce website. In the first of a three-part blog series, Jim Cassidy of Isobar debunks five of the common myths about setting up an … Continued

It pays to be social

Social media can be overwhelming. There are so many different platforms, from Facebook and Twitter, to Instagram and Snapchat. And there’s so much to think about – how do I start, what do we share, how do we interact with … Continued

Data to become a core asset…

We asked our Digital Boost partners what their digital plans are for the coming year. In this blog post, Jim Cassidy of Isobar, Anthony Quigley of Digital Marketing Institute and Anthony Rafferty of Paypal discuss their plans and the trends … Continued

Is your business a social media…

Social media has become an effective channel for Irish businesses to engage with consumers in new ways. At eir Business Solutions, we’re on the lookout for SMEs who are using social media in clever ways. If you, or anyone you … Continued

Navigating a successful B2B marketing strategy

The Holy Grail for marketers is to give customers what they want, sometimes before they even know they want it. This means generating clear customer insights and developing an innate understanding of the buyer. While many embark on this journey … Continued

Common pitfalls to avoid when setting…

When a business decides to setup an online or ecommerce channel, it can either be one of the best moves they make or a series of booby traps waiting for the unprepared. The good news is there is a vast … Continued

Why hybrid apps are crushing native…

There are many different types of apps, from native and web-based apps to hybrids in between. Previously, native apps used to be the go-to format but the trend is changing. Back when Apple first launched its App Store, native apps … Continued