Why the cloud changes everything

I spend a lot of time talking to companies about cloud and when asked why I’m so enthusiastic about it, my answer is the same: it is exciting to be on the first step of something that is a complete … Continued

Is the don’t-rent mentality about property…

For whatever reason, we Irish like to own houses and property, we don’t like to rent. Perhaps it’s a deep seated suspicion of the absentee landlord. Do we have a similar attitude to cloud? There’s something reassuring about having your … Continued

Why Cloud Computing loves Ireland

Ireland is making serious progress in its bid to become the cloud centre of Europe. Here are some of the key success factors putting Ireland on every CTO's shortlist

Where the cloud meets a waterfall:…

Software development teams need temporary access to high-quality IT infrastructure for testing purposes. Turning to the cloud offers an affordable solution. A quoted statistic in IT circles suggests that 80% of an organisation’s IT budget is spent on day-to-day operations … Continued

AWS Ireland cloud user group gathers speed

There was cloud talk aplenty at the latest Amazon Web Services (AWS) Ireland user group in Dublin this week. Speakers from BCC, bizmaps and Engine Yard gave refreshingly honest insights from the front line of Ireland’s burgeoning cloud scene. Last … Continued

Powering the cloud, next generation mobile…

Ireland has the right ingredients to meet the connectivity challenge Corkman Barry O’Sullivan of Cisco recently stated that the three ingredients for a Silicon Valley in Ireland are ‘Capital, Culture, and Connectivity’. When it comes to considering Ireland as a location for … Continued