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Can mobile apps replace loyalty cards?

The relentless push for new customers can be incredibly tough. Many businesses find that focusing energy on retention and upsell with existing customers can actually generate more revenue than trying to find new ones. Some of the smartest of these … Continued

When customers tweet: getting started with…

Your customers always have their smartphones handy, and if they are happy or unhappy with your company’s products, they might well express their feelings on Facebook or Twitter. If you haven’t explored social media for your business yet, it’s time … Continued

Does your business really need a…

There are solid, compelling reasons why a business should develop a mobile app. If you are facing challenges like these below, there’s probably a strong business need that a mobile app could help you address – with measurable benefits for … Continued

Is your website guilty of the…

Statistics reveal something alarming about people who browse the web using a mobile device. If they land on your site and it’s not optimised for mobile, two thirds of them will never return. Failing to make your site look good … Continued

Eight steps to building your business…

So, you want to build a mobile app for your business? Before you start it’s a good idea to be aware of the eight key steps in the process, and here they are.     1. Choose the right development … Continued

What's the secret to promoting an app?

If you’ve devoted resources to creating a mobile app, the last thing you want is for it to languish in the App Store, or otherwise be ignored by your customers. Here’s some advice on how to help customers discover your … Continued

Could this 20 year old technology…

If someone asked you to think of the most powerful mobile marketing tool now available, you mightn’t immediately mention text messaging. But the results show that few tools are more effective than SMS at catching a customer’s attention. It’s probably … Continued

Mr Waffle

eir Business announces Galway based waffle house, “Mr Waffle” as latest Digital Boost winner Mr Waffle to benefit from digital prize package worth €10,000 including a free business app    eir Business today announced Mr. Waffle in Galway as the … Continued