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Will smart cities make us happier?

As Ireland hosts its Third National Smart Cities Summit, I’ve been thinking about happiness, and whether smart cities can deliver it. A recent article in The Guardian, The secrets of the world’s happiest cities, noted research saying that a person … Continued

The perils of networks that sprout

I’ve had a series of architecture meetings recently with a customer, looking at what their network – with data centre at the core – had organically grown into. It resembled something sprouting in the forgotten corner of a fridge. Every … Continued

Why managed services partners must offer…

Choosing an IT managed services provider isn’t just about technical capability. Part 2 of my guidance on selecting a provider looks at the crucial issue of culture and mindset, and at the importance of certifications. In my previous blog, Four … Continued

Four questions to ask your IT…

For IT managers looking to partner with managed service providers, it can be unsettling to know their whole resource pool is no longer internal. Here’s how to help ensure you get the best from a managed services partnership, without introducing … Continued

Tomorrow’s network speeds today

eir’s Fibre launch got me thinking about the ideal technologies: where reliability and performance are so good, they can routinely be taken for granted. As my neighbours drove away from their house recently, the two year old strapped in the … Continued

Is agility part of your IT…

As IT departments face increasing pressure to do more with less, enterprise architecture could be the foundation on which they build a more agile IT strategy. Most enterprises have a familiar cast of characters. For example there’s Stephen in Sales– … Continued

Mobile turn up the heat

Any business providing smartphones or tablets to its staff needs to think carefully about IT support. The three key areas are device management, remote access and the all-important out-of-hours assistance for staff. If, over time, your business has become dependent … Continued

Seeing the Woods and the Trees

Our ISO 20000 network management service creates a lot of data. How can networks be visualised in a useful way for business? This week I visited our Managed Services Centre to review how we manage our largest customer network, which … Continued

Top tips for large organisations embarking on ISO 20000

Last time I talked about the challenges we faced when eir Business embarked on the journey towards ISO certification, including mindset, integrating different skill sets, and introducing new technologies. This time I’d like to offer a few tips for large … Continued

Where do you start on the…

Where can large organisations start if they’re seeking ISO 20000 certification? Our experiences showed that perception is an important jumping off point. As Michael Brophy explained in our recent Certification Europe guest blog, the objective of ISO 20000 certification is clear: … Continued