Data to become a core asset for firms in 2015

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We asked our Digital Boost partners what their digital plans are for the coming year. In this blog post, Jim Cassidy of Isobar, Anthony Quigley of Digital Marketing Institute and Anthony Rafferty of Paypal discuss their plans and the trends they expect to see becoming mainstream.

Jim Cassidy, Managing Director of Isobar Dublin
Is this year going to be the year of “mobile first”, “Content is King”, “programmatic buying”, “wearable technology”, or “Big Data”? Digital moves so fast that the reality for most companies is that it’s going to be, in some measure, a year for all of them. Choose what’s most important to your brand and overall marketing strategy. It’s vital that companies pay more attention to the KPIs behind their campaigns and the metrics they achieve during and after a campaign.

The measurement and maths behind marketing campaigns has never been so important or widely discussed; but it’s this measurability that makes focusing on the creative and the message so vital, to cut through the noise in a crowded marketplace of hyper targeted ads. Take a look at the marketing activities being carried out; build an ecosystem that will allow you to interact and measure each of those touch points and determine how they interact and influence each other. It’s crucial now to marry creativity with performance metrics, whether it’s a display campaign, e-commerce, VOD or e-mail marketing.

At Isobar our plan for 2015 is to innovate, measure and implement. We are launching our innovation centre “Nowlab” in 2015.This is aimed at helping clients utilise cutting edge technology in a meaningful way in their existing business. not an exercise in “Future Gazing”. Our colleagues in Brazil did this by re-imagining the car showroom with The Fiat Live Store.


Anthony Quigley, Director and co-founder of the Digital Marketing Institute

Our plan for 2015 is to listen to the data. Rapid international expansion has seen the Digital Marketing Institute more than double in size in the past two years, and we will grow at a similar pace over the next two years. Data driven digital strategy is essential to achieving this scale. Your market data is what gives you a competitive edge – understanding our current and prospective audiences allows us to make important strategic decisions about which markets segments to invest in, and which to leave alone.

As you would expect from a digital marketing certification body, digital sits at the heart of our marketing strategy; all of our campaigns are designed with digital focus first as it provides the most scalable and measurable marketing solutions. Our international marketing plans for 2015 centre around implementing more advanced digital technologies such as marketing automation, which will be a key factor in our international expansion plans. By combining our data analysis with automation we’ll be able to scale the reach of our marketing efforts without losing personalisation, which is one of our biggest international marketing challenges as we’re not able to be as close to the customer as we are in Ireland.


Anthony Rafferty, Head of PayPal’s UK and Ireland merchant operations and inside sales

Fundamental to my digital strategy this year is to simplify and clarify wherever I can. In the payments and mobile industry things move at a phenomenal rate and it can be all too easy to slip into the trap of using jargon to explain new products and trends or, worse, to over-complicate things. This year I’m making a special effort to ensure that my people fully understand me and the goals I set them; and that my merchants understand my advice.

PayPal is an online payments company, so digital technology is a huge part of our marketing strategy. Staying relevant to consumers means being up to date with the latest trends and every business needs to be on top of that. Digital technology has given consumers massive power – our demands have transformed how we get news and information and shaped the retail market. Today, we live in a swipe-the-screen world where we have infinite resources at our finger tips in an instant. How we consume things has completely changed and now we have the ability to make purchases anywhere and any way. Embracing digital technology keeps businesses and products relevant in ever-changing markets and industries.

For 2015 we also want to share with Irish business our best practices such as ensuring mobile is forefront of their digital strategy. As we do in PayPal, business should build their mobile experience first. Our service is made for mobile, providing on-the-go shoppers with a faster, simpler checkout experience whichever device they use to shop.

In the coming weeks we’ll be hearing from more of our Digital Boost partners who will be talking about the trends and growth areas they expect to see in their particular industries.



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