Digital Boost Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. The Digital Boost seed fund Programme, (“the Programmeâ€), is dedicated to supporting Irish Businesses online. The Programme is only open to Irish Business customers. An Irish Business is defined as a company trading in the Republic of Ireland that is VAT registered.  Up to a total of €250,000 in prizes will be allocated to winners during the life of this programme.
2. All applicants can register their interest for entry to the programme through the dedicated eir Digital Boost website. Entrants can register their interest by applying for funding from one of the four funding streams as detailed on the eir website, (“the Funding Streamsâ€). Prizes in each of the funding streams will be provided by eir and our partners including Google, Paypal, Samsung, Digital Marketing Institute, RMG and Salesforce, (eir’s Partnersâ€). The initial round of funding will open for entries from 28th October 2014 and will close for entries on 12th December 2014. The second, and final round of funding will open for entries from 13rd December 2014 and will close for entries on 30th April 2015.  A shortlist will be selected from each round of Registered Entries which will be sent to our judging panel. Winner(s) will be selected from the shortlist. The names of those who have been selected on the shortlist will be published on Twitter and other selected  social media at the discretion of eir. Details of all winners will be posted on the eir Digital Boost website.
3. “Registered Entrant †means an Irish Business that has entered the programme by completing the application form (mandatory) Being a Registered Entrant does not guarantee that a Registered Entrant will be successful in obtaining funding. Funding will take the form of technology/IT related deliverables which will be provided by eir or one of the eir Partners. Registered Entrants should note that videos and powerpoints provided with the Application Forms will be published on the eir Digital Boost website. Care should be taken to ensure that no confidential or sensitive information is contained in them.
4. All video and powerpoint entries will be pre-vetted by eir before being published on the Digital Boost website
5. Registered Entrants consent to the storage and use for future communications associated with eir services at a later point by eir of all video and powerpoint presentations submitted by them with their Application Forms.
6. Registerd Entrants may register their interest in only one of the four types of funding displayed on the eir Boost website. The four types of funding are Mobility, Training, Sales & Marketing and Productivity.
7. Entries are confirmed when an automatic email thanking them for their interest and application is received by the Registered Entrant.
8. Once video or powerpoint has passed pre-vetting and is approved for publishing on the eir Digital Boost website it will be published.
9. The starting date of the programme and the initial date when submissions will be accepted is 28th October 2014. The first winners will be announced in early January 2015.
10. These dates are subject to change and may be changed by eir from time-to-time.
11. Entries from one round may be utilised for subsequent rounds at the discretion of the selection panel
12. Feedback to Registered Entrants on their applications will not be provided.
13. The decisions of the judging panel in all matters will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
14. “Winners†used in these terms and conditions refers to the Registered Entrants that are selected as the eir Digital Boost Winners on the success of their application.
15. Selected Winners will be filmed and photographed by the eir production team both before and after the prize is delivered. eir reserve the right to use this footage for their own commercial purposes in the future.
16. By entering the competition you consent to eir sharing your data with eir partners such as Google, Paypal, Digital Marketing Institute, Salesforce and Samsung etc. Additionally eir may use any data captured for its own marketing purposes.
17. eir accepts no responsibility for incorrectly completed, incomplete, lost or delayed entries, videos, notices, acceptances or other documents related to the Programme.
18. By downloading the eir Digital Boost app, eir has the right to send push messages to you. To unsubscribe just uninstall the app.
19. The eir Digital Boost app uses anonymous location tracking. By downloading the eir Digital Boost app you are agreeing that anonymous/non identifying location information can be used from your phone so that we can deliver you a more relevant and better mobile experience.
20. The Competition is not open to staff members of eir or of any of eir’s Group Companies.





Prizes in the mobility funding stream will include Tablets, Laptops, 4G mobile, payment on the go, mobile broadband, apps and cloud solutions. Prizes in the Training funding stream will include analytics and social media. Prizes in the Sales & Marketing funding stream will include apps and online advertising. Prizes in the Productivity funding stream will include CRM software, hosting solutions and fibre broadband. Our judging panel will select winners from each of the four funding streams in each round. With the exception of eir products such as fibre broadband, 4G mobile, payments on the go,Wifi, eir will accept no liability in respect of the prizes awarded under this Digital Boost seed fund and will direct all queries to the programme partner who provided the prize. The prizes listed under each of the four types of funding are subject to change and availability. eir reserves the right to withdraw or add prizes during the course of this programme.
All prizes will be allocated through a voucher system and no cash alternative will be offered.
Prizes may be altered at the discretion of eir and we also reserve the right to reduce the number of funding stream winners in each round.
Please note, this prize fund does not include VAT

App that will be delivered will be an out of the box App from the suite of features supported by the Smart Fit Apps platform. The best possible App using these features will be delivered. The App developer will explain all the features that are available. Any additional requirements/effort outside of the App platform capabilities can be negotiated separate from the prize with the App Developer.

It is important to participate with the App Developer for them to successfully deliver an App for your business. This means you will need to participate in calls and emails at the various development stages – which the App developer will advise you of.

The App will be delivered to match your website brand and other marketing collateral- unless you wish to change this by sending to the App Developer any brand collateral to them you would like used instead in the App.
A total of up to 1 week App development will be allocated to building your Mobile App followed by 1 week to cater for feedback and improvements. It is important to use the allocated time wisely by engaging with the App Developer- as the best possible App will be delivered within this time constraint.
Once the App is delivered- the App Developer will do a handover to explain how you can managed the App and Content through a web login interface and also how you should promote your App to make it successful. Apps that are developed are only successful if promoted to your customers successfully which our App Developer will guide you on with additional documentation, help videos and advice to suit your business.


ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS which are binding on all entrants to the Programme:

1. Winners agree to attend and partake in the eir Digital Boost video shoot as part of the prize delivery.
2. Winners grant eir permission to video him/her as he/she takes part in an interview and video shoot at his/her business premises.
3. Winners grant eir ownership of intellectual property of the film footage and the right to use the footage for their own purposes for duration of twenty-four months starting from October 2014.
4. Winners grant eir permission to shoot footage of Winners’ office/working environment including any staff members onsite at the time of filming.
5. Winners grant eir permission for these videos to be uploaded onto the Digital Boost dedicated website
6. Winners and entrants grant eir permission to use the videos, interviews and comments relating to the eir Digital Boost Programme across all social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digital Boost App and eir website pages Winners grant eir permission for these videos to remain live on the eir Digital Boost dedicated landing page on
7. Winners and entrants grant permission to eir to develop a case study (to be a written version of the video) for use online at and promoted across the social media channels (as per point 6 above) in addition to print.
8. Winners grant permission to eir to feature the video in wider communications to the eir consumer and business databases (i.e. bill insert/newsletter/ezine). Permission to share across partner platforms also.
9. Entrant grants permission to the eir business team to contact them with future information, and content related to the eir Digital Boost Programme and other eir promotions and offers.
10. eir retains the right to remove the videos, comments and articles at any given time.
11. Entrants agree that their business name, address and contact listing will be displayed on the eir Digital Boost app and will be visible to all other entrants.
12. Employees or agents of eir and Meteor Group and their families, our programme partners and other persons connected with this promotion are not eligible to enter.