Dublin Tech summit

Dublin Tech Summit: Day One recap

Picture of Iris Daly, Head of Digital at eir Business

Iris Daly

Head of Digital, eir Business


The Dublin Tech Summit kicked off on Wednesday with a packed timetable, expert speakers and a series of workshops. As founding partner, eir Business is keeping up to date on all the goings on from the event.

Bright and early Wednesday morning queues formed around the block for the inaugural Dublin Tech Summit, which is taking place over the 15th and 16th February at the Convention Centre Dublin.

With eight core themes to focus on, topics have been divided over the two days. Day one saw the focus on Business, Marketing, Fashion and Med Tech. We heard from experts such as Matthew Luhn of Pixar who talked about the art of storytelling and how important a skill it has become. According to Matthew, the goal of any story is to connect your brand with your audience, and this is true for any business. Everyone has a story that can be told.

We heard how storytelling was empowering cancer patients. Through the development of the online storytelling community WarOneCancer.com, patients have become empowered by telling their stories and have in turn empowered others with their stories.

A key tool in telling that story is video, and this was very much a recurring theme within the themes. As Susan Danziger of Ziggeo said “the future is video”. And she’s not wrong: this year approximately 74% of internet traffic will be video content; but what happens when video meets mobile?

Dion Magee of Facebook gave us three takeaways in her presentation Video in a Mobile World: use video to capture people’s attention and keep it, design your mobile video for sound off as well as sound on (use text overlays), and make sure to play with video by using apps like Hyperlapse and Boomerang.

Together with video and mobile, another over-arching theme at the event was data, and specifically, what to do with the massive amount of data that’s being generated every second. We learned from Marc Preusche of LeROI that 65% of the world’s brands use Google Analytics, but a massive 95% are not using it to its potential. By 2020 some 44 zetabytes (44 trillion gigabytes) of data will have been created, but we are using a tiny fraction of that data – just 0.5%.

Marc talked about the importance of using the data to enhance your gut instinct rather than control it. Experience + testing + data = success. Interpreting your data helps you to know and understand your audience better, allowing you to develop a more informed marketing strategy. It’s no coincidence, Marc said, that data driven organisations are three times more likely to report significant improvements in decision making. It’s about finding the gems of knowledge within the data.

Up on the second level of the Convention Centre was a fascinating discussion about Health 3.0 where patient data was a key topic. Chair Richard Corbridge posed the question – who ‘owns’ patient data and is there a duty to share that data? We heard from the expert speakers on the panel that asking citizens directly about their data is an approach that’s working here in Ireland.

With all the topics, experiences, advice and informal chats going on at the Dublin Tech Summit we’re confident that all attendees gained invaluable insights that will likely provoke much discussion and thought in the coming weeks.

Check out our blog tomorrow for a recap on day two of the Dublin Tech Summit.




Iris Daly is the Head of Digital at eir Business. Connect with Iris on Linkedin