Dublin Tech Summit, The CCD

15th & 16 February 2017

Tech Summit - Overview

Where today's leaders meet tomorrow's technology

Dublin Tech Summit has the potential to shape technology across the world.

Bill Archer, eir Business Managing Director

eir Business is proud to be founding partner of this influential two-day event that will bring together leaders in innovation, technology and business to shape the future of global trends.

What is the Dublin Tech Summit?

Held in the Convention Centre Dublin, the Dublin Tech Summit is a two–day event showcasing everything Dublin has to offer as a global tech hub. Speakers will cover eight core themes: Creative, Business, IoT, Marketing, Fintech, Medtech, Big Data and Fashion.

Dublin Tech Summit: The Figures

2 Days

1 Location

8 Stages

10,000+ Attendees

50+ World Media Outlets

200 Speakers & Global Investors

Why is eir Business a founding partner?

eir Business and the Dublin Tech Summit are a natural match: we actively connect 80,000 businesses with the future every day. Our fibre network is the most advanced and ubiquitous network in the country and our mobile network now brings 4G to 95% of the population.

eir Business - connecting the future of business

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