eir Fibre FAQ’s

  • What speeds will I be able to get?

    eir Fibre provides speeds of up to 70Mb. To get the exact speed that you qualify for please visit here and input your details into the online form and it will tell you what speeds you can avail of.

  • What’s the difference between Fibre and Next Generation Broadband (NGB)?

    Next Generation Broadband (NGB) uses copper lines running all the way from the exchange to your premises. eir Fibre uses fibre cables from the exchange to your local cabinet, which is typically a few hundred metres from your premises. This means that eir Fibre can provide much higher download and upload speeds than NGB.

  • What is the difference between eir Fibre and Existing ADSL (1Mb, 3Mb, 7Mb, 24Mb) ?

    eir Fibre can provide for speeds of up to 70MB per second, as opposed to ADSL, which has a maximum of 24MB per second. eir Fibre is uncongested, unlike traditional ADSL. This means that you won’t experience any slowdown in your internet speeds during peak usage hours.

  • What is the difference between eir Fibre and Cable Broadband?

    With eir Fibre you aren’t sharing your line with any of your neighbours. With cable broadband technology, customers share a local loop which can cause speed bottlenecks at peak hours.

  • What is the difference between eir Fibre and Mobile Broadband?

    Mobile Broadband is a wireless technology which is limited by a number of factors:

    • Your distance from your local mobile base station (mast)  – the further you are away, the slower the speeds
    • Whether you use mobile broadband indoors or outdoors – typically indoors signal strength can be affected by factors such as the thickness of the walls in your premises, further reducing your internet speeds
    • How many customers are accessing simultaneously the same local mobile base station – so your internet speeds will drop at peak times
  • Why am I not eligible for eir Fibre?

    The reason your premises is not appearing can be for various reasons, the most common reason is that the fibre roll-out has not reached your area yet. There are some instances where fibre may be available in your area but your premises cannot be reached.  

  • How can I sign up for eir Fibre?
  • When can I get eir Fibre installed?

    If you are eligible and have ordered eir Fibre , you will receive a call from one of our agents to schedule an appointment date and time that suits you. Installations can be scheduled Monday – Friday and will be either morning or afternoon.

  • Does someone need to have access to my premises?

    Yes, to setup your premises with eir Fibre , one of our technicians will need to gain access to your premises. We will arrange an appointment with you in advance to facilitate this. Typically the installation takes one hour. You may need a technical person from your business to be on site at the time of installation.

  • Will you need to drill holes in walls in my premises?

    No, this should not be necessary. Typically installation involves replacing your existing main phone socket with a new one. However, each premises is different and when assessed, we may need to carry out some work in your premises.