Introducing the eir Advantage

eir Advancing your business. Together our network, portfolio, expertise and commitment combine to give you exceptional levels of mobility, agility, efficiency and competitive edge.


We call this the eir Advantage.



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Our network
Our network is your Advantage

We’ve invested heavily in our network which means you get the best voice, data and mobile experience possible. And because we own and manage our networks, we rely on no one else, which means you can rely on us.


Our fibre network

Our fibre network

Our mobile network
Over 1 million mobile customers on our network

With 99% population coverage

Investing more than €350 million over five years

First to launch 4G in Ireland

With speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G

60% 4G population coverage by August 2014

Our portfolio
Our portfolio is your Advantage

You want solutions for your business that are flexible and can adapt to change. Together with our network, we offer a wide range of innovative and flexible solutions to strengthen your business.

Our expertise
Our expertise is your Advantage

Ever-evolving technologies are reinventing the way we do business and you need the experience and expertise to manage this. Our people have the highest levels of network and business specific expertise, partner accreditations and technology experience you need to stay ahead of the curve.

A nationwide team with the largest engineering force in the country.
The largest and most advanced network management facilities in the country.
The highest number of partner certifications of a variety of vendors across the full range of solutions, including Amazon Web Services, Avaya and a Gold Partner of Cisco.
Our commitment
Our commitment is your Advantage

We’ve always been fully committed to Irish businesses, connecting them to the things that make a real difference for success, at home or abroad. Our total commitment means we’re trusted – by both our customers and our partners – to understand and deliver winning business solutions.

Our total commitment

We’re the driving force behind Ireland’s growing communication capabilities: over €1.5 billion investment in Irish infrastructure.

Provider of choice for over 90,000 Irish and international businesses, from sole traders and small corner shops to multinational corporations.

We have managed and delivered some of the largest and most complex ICT projects in Ireland.

We will work with your business as one team to support your evolving needs.