John Cantwell, Thomond Park Stadium Director (left) and Munster’s eir Account Manager, Morgan O’Regan (right).’

eir Business: a valuable member of the Munster Rugby team

David Lowe is Director of Sales at eir Business

David Lowe

Sales Director at eir Business


Over the years Munster Rugby has become synonymous with excellence and reliability. Its teams have excelled in numerous competitions both domestic and international, and this is highlighted by its vast, dedicated fan base. The organisation looks for this same level of excellence and dedication in its partners, and has found it in eir.

As Munster Rugby’s telecoms partner, eir is a one-stop-shop for the organisation’s communications requirements providing mobile, connectivity and fixed line solutions. Having just one provider for all their communications suits the busy, and relatively small, Munster Rugby organisation.

Helping Munster Rugby embrace the mobile world

Munster Rugby has 40 mobile accounts all of whom are active mobile users. Frequent travels to the UK and Europe for matches and meetings means reasonable and predictable data roaming costs are critical. “We use a dedicated mobile app that provides necessary match analysis and statistics to team management. Reliable and affordable access to this app is essential, particularly when we’re travelling abroad for matches. Our mobile package with eir includes all our smartphones, 15GB of national data and increased data in Europe and the UK,” says Philip Quinn, Head of Finance and Operations, Munster Rugby.

In the era of always-on, mobile centric media, consistent connectivity on match days has become an essentially element for all large stadia. And it’s no different for Munster Rugby at its spiritual home of Thomond Park in Limerick. A dedicated 100Mbps fibre link into Thomond Park delivers high-speed connectivity to the press and hospitality areas.
“On match days we typically have up to 90 members of the press in the stadium, as well as 750 guests in our hospitality section. Particularly for the press, who report live from the stadium and upload reports to the cloud, our WiFi needs to be always available; there’s no room for downtime or sluggishness. With eir’s dedicated fibre we have never had an issue, no one has ever complained, and for me, that’s the mark of a reliable service that works away in the background doing what it needs to do.”

Dedicated support that provides peace of mind

Philip also has the added reassurance of a 24×7 Service Level Agreement for this dedicated connection, which ensures that if anything did go wrong, eir would deal with any situation quickly and efficiently. As demands for public WiFi in stadia around the country increase, Munster Rugby will eventually assess expanding connectivity at Thomond Park. Because the eir fibre connection is scalable, future plans such as public WiFi, can be accommodated.
Together with mobile and dedicated fibre, eir delivers an IP telephony solution to Irish Independent Park, Munster Rugby’s Cork base, and their high performance centre in University of Limerick. It also provides a mix of traditional fixed line services – FRA, PSTN and efibre – across the organisation’s locations.

Overseeing all of these services is a dedicated eir Account Manager. Having a single point of contact for all telecoms services is critical to Philip. “We are a relatively small organisation with no specific IT resource. To have a reliable, highly responsive account manager looking after all our telecoms is crucial. Even more important is the fact that our account manager is local and can pop in to speak with me personally if there are any queries, or if we’re reviewing the account. This level of service means a lot to us, and makes a huge difference to my day-to-day,” concludes Philip.

Pictured here are John Cantwell, Thomond Park Stadium Director (left) and Munster’s eir Account Manager, Morgan O’Regan (right).

John Cantwell, Thomond Park Stadium Director (left) and Munster’s eir Account Manager, Morgan O’Regan (right).’’