Fair Usage Information

*Unlimited minutes and SMS allowances where applicable are subject to a fair usage allowance of 45,000 minutes and 10,000 SMS. Minutes and SMS apply to usage within the Republic of Ireland and EEA zone countries. Roaming, allowances are subject to fair usage limits. Excludes Premium, International, Non-Geographic Numbers and roaming outside of the EEA zone. Voicemail and eir to eir calls and texts / EEA landlines while roaming in the EEA are treated as a standard call or text, deducted from any applicable inclusive plan allowances or charged at applicable standard rates for more info see here Data allowances if available at the time of roaming can be used while roaming in the EEA subject to fair use limits where applicable. EU roaming fair use allowance is calculated in line with Regulation (EU) No 531/2012 (as amended) and Data wholesale roaming price caps. Where there domestic data allowance has not been fully consumed but the fair use allowance has been fully consumed, a surcharge rate of €4.31 per GB/€0.0042 per MB (based on Regulated rate of €3.50 per GB excl VAT) will apply until the domestic allowance has been fully consumed. Standard domestic rates apply thereafter.