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Hello SMEs. It’s eir WiFi Calling

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Paul Mulqueen


We’ve had an exciting start to 2017 at eir Small Business, and our latest product launch is creating a great buzz within the team: eir WiFi Calling. Exclusive to eir, WiFi Calling facilitates mobile calls over any WiFi connection, ensuring high quality calls even in locations with inconsistent mobile coverage.

We’ve all been there: it might be an office in a difficult to reach location, or a basement premises or an office in an older building with thick stone walls that makes mobile coverage inconsistent. And we’ve all had those frustrating ‘half phone calls’ where you can’t quite hear the other person, or you’re breaking up on your recipient.

WiFi Calling is breathing new life into mobile communications for SMEs. They can now put their best foot forward on every call, with the assurance of consistent quality and HD voice. And because the eir broadband network reaches into every corner of the country – 1.9 million premises can avail of fibre broadband by the end of next year – WiFi Calling is bringing reliable, high quality mobile calls to businesses all over the country.

Businesses can seamlessly connect to WiFi whether they’re using eir’s broadband our guest WiFi service, which is available in over 100,000 homes, or our commercial grade Advantage WiFi solution.

Naturally, for those who travel for business, call costs are a constant grievance. We’re all looking forward to next month when we’ll see an end to roaming charges within the EU, but making mobile calls outside of the EU and the US can still be a costly consideration for many businesses. With WiFi Calling, users simply connect to any WiFi connection, and all calls are treated as if they were calling from their own business premises and minutes are simply taken from their existing plan.

You might say that making calls via WiFi already exists using apps such as Skype or WhatsApp, and that’s true, but the beauty of WiFi Calling from eir is there is no need for an additional app. Users can place calls to anyone using their native dialler from our range of WiFi Calling enabled smartphones. Currently Samsung S6 and above and Apple iPhone 5C and above are enabled but this list is continuously expanding so keep an eye on the website for more devices as they become available.

For SMEs looking to optimise their mobile communications, eir WiFi calling offers three fantastic benefits:

1. It ensures reliable mobile communications: using WiFi, SMEs will no longer need to deal with dropped or failed calls and they can say goodbye to the “you’re breaking up on me” refrain that can hamper mobile calls.
2. It can deliver cost savings when travelling outside the EU and US: SMEs can reduce call costs while roaming as calls are treated as if they are calling from their office.
3. It provides access to high-quality calls: SMEs can present a professional front with HD voice standard calls, every time.

At eir, we’re committed to developing products and services that make life easier for our customers. We understand the challenges and issues businesses are facing, and we will be making continuous enhancements to our existing services, like WiFi Calling, to ensure we continue to meet our customers’ needs.

If you’re an eir customer, don’t hesitate to go online or call our dedicated business team about eir WIFi Calling on 1800 299 799