1st November 2017 - RDS Concert Hall, Dublin

Dublin Information Sec 2017 offers the opportunity for businesses to hear first-hand from the experts about the ever-sophisticated cyber security challenges we are facing today

Brian Martin, Head of Strategy and Planning,
eir Business

When the world’s most respected institutions continue to be breached, how can you avoid being next? Dublin Information Sec 2017 is your chance to learn the best practices that will protect your systems and reduce risks to your customers and your reputation.

We’re proud to sponsor Dublin Information Sec for a second year, alongside Cisco. Cybersecurity gets more complex every day – from securing the cloud and IoT to managing ransomware, DDoS and GDPR, the EU regulation that levies heavy fines if you respond incorrectly to a breach.

Act now to take control: join us and discover what you need to be doing, and who can help.

What is Dublin Information Sec 2017

Dublin Information Sec 2017 is one of Ireland’s leading cyber security events. The conference will take place on 1st November in the RDS in Dublin and will address the critical issues that threaten businesses in the information age. A host of security experts have been lined up to speak at the event, and they will explore the threats businesses are facing today.

Why is eir sponsoring Dublin Information Sec 2017

eir Business and Dublin Information Sec 2017 are a natural match: we actively connect 80,000 businesses every day. We work with those business customers developing solutions to help them overcome the challenges they face, one of which is effectively securing their business from threats.

Why should I attend Dublin Information Sec 2017?

Dublin Information Sec 2017 brings together Ireland’s cyber security community, and offers an opportunity to learn from experts and peers. You will hear from experts in a variety of security fields and the event will also deal with some of the most important emerging challenges in IT security.

Stay informed in the lead up to the Dublin Information Sec 2017

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