There's so much to think about when starting your own business.
Why not let us take care of all your communications ?

At eir Business we've got a wide range of products and services designed for businesses just like yours.
From contract-free broadband to our innovative virtual landline, you can get all the advantage of high-end communications products at uncomplicates, affordable prices.
Super-fast broadband with no contract

eir Fibre brings you unlimited, consistent broadband with speeds of up to 100Mb. With no contract and prices from just €40 per month you can be enjoying super-fast connectivity in no time!

Tailor-made mobile
plans to suit your

Our eir Mobile plans let you take control of your mobile costs. Starting at just €20 (ex VAT) per month our plans can be customised to your needs. All our eir Mobile plans offer 4G and UK, EU and US roaming as standard.

A different kind of landline for your business:

Get all the advantages of a landline without the line rental costs with eir Virtual Landline. All calls to your landline number will ring on your mobile, so you never miss an opportunity.


Prices quoted ex VAT. Terms and conditions apply