picture of eir team with the ACE award

Listening and learning from our customers

Liz hickey, Head of Strategy and Planning at eir Business

Liz Hickey

Head of Insights at eir Business


We were delighted to be honoured by the Confirmit Achievement in Customer Excellence (ACE) Awards. eir Business won the Judges Choice Award for “Insight through a Market Research Agency” for our Voice of the Customer programme, which is aimed at learning from customer feedback and making real changes to the customer experience.

Receiving a Confirmit ACE Award our enthusiastic application of Voice of the Customer best practices, and the outstanding performance we’ve achieved as a result. The eir Business Voice of the Customer programme has had a positive impact on customer engagement, billing and both internal and external communications.

We are continuing to implement the Voice of the Customer programme as we strive to uncover more customer opinion and to better understand what is driving customer satisfaction at different touch points from the Customer Response centre to the Account Management teams.

Our goal is to develop a customer-centric approach across all our channels and touch points. For eir Business, it’s about creating long-term relationships with our customers and providing them with relevant services. For us, the customer comes first, and we are putting that mantra into practice every day.



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