Making your business mobile (because customers won’t wait)

David Walsh

Director of Large Business, eir Business

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Is your business losing out by not allowing more of your staff to have business mobiles? Unlimited plans make it easier to equip your whole team with highly productive smartphones, without breaking the bank.

Let’s face it – the mobile market in Ireland is a competitive place. When we thought about what we could do differently with eMobile for business, we listened to what business customers said, specifically to their wish list of features and services they weren’t getting anywhere else.

The message that came out more strongly than any other was about value. Business customers told us they didn’t want to worry about high bills: what good is it if a company equips its whole team with mobiles, in the hopes of improving productivity, but is then crippled by an unaffordable bill? The real challenge was this: how could we help businesses use mobiles more extensively – to help them be more responsive to customers – and keep it all affordable?

We decided to put value at the centre of what we’re doing with eMobile for business. Here are the three things that make us different.

1. Unlimited calls and texts, even when you’re in the UK

The UK remains Ireland’s biggest trading partner, and Irish businesses told us they wanted to stop worrying about whether they could take and make calls and texts when travelling to Northern Ireland or over to England, Wales and Scotland. The Unlimited plan we introduced means that, for €30 ex VAT monthly per user, new eMobile customers get unlimited calls and texts when in Ireland or in the UK. No strings, no complications.

2. Huge data allowance gives you the freedom to do business

When we were setting up our Unlimited plan we decided to include 15GB of data connectivity per month wherever you go in Ireland — that’s a huge data allowance that gives you the freedom to check e-mails, watch video and download files as you need to support your business. We’ve gone far past the average monthly mobile data usage, to make sure you can do anything you need to do for your business, without the likelihood of overstepping your data cap – and our Unlimited plans even include a free, 4G-ready smartphone.

3. Our aim is to make your business run more smoothly

My colleague Enda has written before about the major investment we’ve put into our eMobile support team – you even have the option of 24/7 support if you need answers to questions about your company mobiles around the clock. There’s only one reason for this: we want to make sure your mobile device and tablets are helping you run your business better, and letting you respond more quickly to customer questions and business opportunities.

The truth is that your customers and suppliers don’t want to wait for answers to e-mails, and they certainly don’t expect you ever be out of range of voice calls. As business moves faster and employees need to work more flexibly, there’s an urgent need for business owners and managers to give their people the tools to work from wherever they are. The eMobile Unlimited plans are our way of helping you achieve that, without worrying about the bills at the end of the month.


So ask yourself these two questions:

1. Are you responding as quickly as possible to your customers, or is there scope to move even faster by going mobile?

2. How can I do this in a way that controls mobile costs in my organisation?


Gary Disley is Director of Marketing for eir Business. Follow Gary on @gdisleyeir.

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David Walsh is Director of Large Business at eir Business.
David has over 14 years’ experience in senior management roles, gained initially in Tennent’s Ireland as General Sales Manager. He joined eir in 2001 where he has held a number of senior management positions. David is a graduate of University College Dublin, where he completed an Executive MBA in 2008, and he holds qualifications in Marketing, Finance and Food Science.