What matters more than cost savings in enterprise voice?

Judith Sheridan

Director Future Voice, eir

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Ask a director of IT or finance about their technology investment, and they’ll say that nothing matters more than cost savings. But this month’s launch of eir SIP Voice adds a new element to the mix, opening a new era in business communications that delivers not just savings, but a lot more besides.

We’ve had an exciting month at eir Business, following the launch of a service our whole team is buzzing about: eir SIP Voice. This SIP trunking service allows enterprises to use their data circuit to carry inbound and outbound voice calls, offering a genuine and cost-effective alternative to ISDN.

Voice over IP has been technically possible for decades, but eir SIP Voice marks the very first time that eir, Ireland’s largest telecommunications company, has offered business customers a front-line, ISDN-quality, Tier-1 VoIP service.

eir SIP Voice opens a wealth of opportunities for Irish business, bringing their architecture into the IP world of converged communications. The converged communications world looks a lot different from what businesses are used to today. In the converged world data lines converge with voice lines; mobile services converge with fixed line services; and traffic costs are largely eliminated by free on-net calling, even to company mobiles.

Providing it has the breadth and depth of services, one single communications partner can meet every requirement of an organisation: there’s no need for separate fixed and mobile providers, as long as all the services required are available over a single, flexible, affordable IP link. That’s what the world of converged communications looks like, and eir SIP Voice is so exciting because it’s the first step, delivering a level of convergence that Irish organisations haven’t seen before.

What can eir SIP Voice do for your organisation?

eir SIP Voice is the initial service we’re offering, following eir Group’s landmark investment in Ireland’s first geo-redundant IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). Our industry-leading IMS is a major change for Ireland, because it’s the next-generation platform that will underpin every voice and data service eir offers in the coming decades, as the telephony part of the PSTN is ultimately phased out.

Innovative new IMS-based eir services coming this year and in 2015 included hosted PBX, which will offer a cloud-based alternative to the traditional (and costly) on-site company switchboard.

For organisations looking to optimise their communications infrastructure, eir SIP Voice offers three fantastic benefits:

  1. It delivers significant cost savings: using your data network for voice gives you free on-net calls and eliminates unnecessary phone lines.
  2. It represents a huge step forward in future proofing: services like hosted PBX, hosted contact centre functionality, collaboration, instant messaging and video are all enabled by eir SIP Voice.
  3. It allows unprecedented “bursting” of voice channels: burst your number of voice channels at very short notice to cater for things like seasonal demands, and scale back again when demand drops, paying for capacity only when you need it. Businesses in Ireland have never enjoyed this level of flexibility with standard telephone lines.

Onwards together to IP

What’s next for IP and converged communications? Increasingly, incoming work calls will simply “find you,” wherever you are, on whatever device is in your hand, as long as you have a network connection. No more chasing voicemail across different devices, or worrying whether you’ve missed calls when you work from home or on the road. It’s great news for remote workers, and in fact eir SIP Voice has a module specifically aimed at giving home-based workers all the advanced features of the corporate PBX, including conferencing, call routing and hunting, caller ID and more.

The fact is, all enterprise communications is going IP, and eir is committed to helping our customers keep pace. We want to help you identify not only ways to make cost savings, but also ways you can improve flexibility, enhance productivity, and bring your fixed and mobile telecoms estate together.

If you’re an eir customer, don’t hesitate to chat to your account manager about eir SIP Voice or call us on 1800 400 200

Judith Sheridan is the Director  Future Voice, eir. Follow Judith on Twitter or connect on Linkedin