Meet the Creators

The eir creators series interviews brilliant business leaders in their place of work. These businesses are a fantastic example of the power that comes from making possible.

Appassionata Flowers

Meet Ruth, proud owner of Appassionata Flowers. Ruth and her incredibly talented team bring a fresh and inspirational approach to flowers. Ruth explains that without eir, Appassionata would simply not exist. Watch Video

KC Sports

Meet Eddie, owner of KC Sports. Upon seeing a gap in the market, Eddie combined his love of sport and experience in the textile industry creating KC Sports, Specialists in club sportswear. Eddie says that eir has helped modernise his business. Watch Video

Burren Smokehouse

Meet Birgitta, owner of the Burren Smokehouse. Having always sourced their produce in Ireland, they wanted to become 100% Irish. Birgitta tells us of the journey they have been on and how eir has helped them get to where they are today. Watch Video

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Sprout & Co.

Meet Jack & Theo, brothers & owners of Sprout & Co. They believe that the best flavour comes from fresh, locally sourced food. They talk about how eir's technology has helped improve their farm to fork efficiency. Watch Video

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