Mobile Broadband

4G Mobile internet, with speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G


Get superfast mobile internet with our 4G plans. Our mobile broadband gives you the freedom to access the internet and email on your laptop or smartphone wirelessly from home or on the go, without the need for a fixed landline. For more information on our 4G network & to view our Coverage Map

2. Which plan is right for you?

    • €7.50 ex. VAT
      Mobile Data Professional 2GB
      30 days, 12, 18 months
    • €16.52 ex. VAT
      Mobile Data Ultimate 10GB
      12, 18, 24 months

To help you make sense of these gigabits and grasp just how much you can do with these plans click here to view our simple explanation



10GB ofLooks likeHow we worked it out
EmailSend or receive 204,800 text-only emails1 text-only email = 50kb
Web surfingNearly 70 hours of web surfing (no videos)2.5MB per minute - 150MB per hour
YouTube270 x 5 minute 720p video clips5 mins of YouTube = 37.5MB at 720p
Internet TV40 hours of RTE Player OR
nearly 20 hours of Netflix on Xbox 360
RTE Player: 250MB = 1 hour
Netflix On Xbox 360: 540MB = 1hour
Skype510 hours of voice calls OR
65 hours of camera calls
No cameras; 360KB / min = 21MB / hour
With cameras: 2.6MB / min = 156 / hour


 Web pagesSongsVoIPFilms (download)
1 GB10,500 pages20010 minutes call time1 full length
15 GB 157,000 pages3,0702.5 hours call time20 full length