Mobile turn up the heat

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Any business providing smartphones or tablets to its staff needs to think carefully about IT support. The three key areas are device management, remote access and the all-important out-of-hours assistance for staff.

If, over time, your business has become dependent for support on one or two individuals, the cracks may begin to show as your IT estate becomes more complex. Add mobile devices to this scenario and it’s easy to see how problems can escalate. Today’s mobiles are miniature, powerful, highly portable computers, which means IT has very little control. Employees might not understand the implications of downloading certain apps and a casual “restore factory settings” could leave your IT team wondering what fixes may still be in place or lost forever. And unless you have a clear, consistent policy for disabling lost or stolen devices, you’re opening your business up to unnecessary risk.

A whole new mobile world

In this mobile world, the support function is more complex, less defined and more open than it ever was; it’s a moving target. That’s one reason why, at eMobile, we provide trained mobile support specialists at the end of the phone, 24/7 if required. And we’ve achieved ISO 20000 certification, guaranteeing best practice across all our support services — including consistent, documented processes used by all our teams, for every issue we resolve, for every eMobile business customer.

If you are looking to better support your mobile workers, here are good first steps that should be in place:

  • Device management: your IT support function needs to be able to manage devices from a central point, using a framework that is both trackable and measurable.
  • Remote access: can you remotely analyse, control and manage staff mobile devices? If so, it’s much easier for IT support to lock down and wipe a device of any sensitive data.
  • Out-of-hours support: when mobiles are used by your business, it’s likely that an issue will occur out of hours. Try to ensure that, at all times, your staff can speak with someone who can deal with issues, whether it’s a lost iPad in an airport or an inability to access key files needed for tomorrow morning’s board meeting.

Mobile working is one of the most productive things you can enable for your enterprise, and proper support for those workers is one of the best investments any business can make. What’s your support plan?