HD Voice

High definition calls without the background noise

HD Voice

HD Voice gives you crystal clear phone calls by enhancing call quality and hugely reducing background noise. So it’s much easier have a work conversation in a busy place.


How to get HD Voice?

HD Voice is available on all eir and Meteor calls with a HD Voice enabled phone over the 3G network. It happens automatically and it’s free.  View all smartphones


What you need:

  • A compatible Smartphone
  • Both phones on the call need to have 3G Coverage
  • Your phone needs to be updated with the latest software



  • HD Voice produces much higher call clarity making it much easier to hear and be heard.
  • Shared conference calls are better – individual voices are now clearer and cleaner.
  • It’s easier to make and take calls on the move as background noises are reduced.
FAQ's - HD Voice

What is HD Voice?

HD Voice is a mobile network upgrade that will enable customers with HD compatible handsets benefit from an enhanced voice call quality. It gives you crystal clear voice quality and reduces background noise.

Why eir is launching HD Voice?

We are launching HD Voice to improve and future proof the mobile network experience.

Mobile HD voice is one of the steps for eir to modernise the communications services we offer  and to align with the future voice product developments.

Will all voice calls get HD quality?

Only mobile to mobile eir and meteor calls will get HD quality.  Initially all 3G network areas and some 2G area will be upgraded. During next year the rest of 2G areas will receive the upgrade. Mobile to fixed or other networks calls will not have HD Voice capability.

What happens if I go out of HD Voice coverage?

The call will continue using standard voice quality instead of HD Voice.

When will I be able to call Vodafone mobile number and get HD Voice quality?

This depends on the other networks availability and also on future network integrations. We’re working towards that but we can’t confirm at this point when it will be available.

Do I need to change any settings in my phone to get HD Voice?

All customers with HD Voice compatible phones will work seamlessly. No special settings are needed. However, if you have an older Samsung and Huawei phone we recommend having the last version of available software version installed on the phone for HD Voice to work.

What phones are compatible with HD Voice?

The following phones are compatible with HD Voice:


Manufacturer HD Voice Support
Samsung All Smartphones support this. Note that older Samsung and Huawei models require the software version updated to the last version for HD Voice to work
Sony All smartphones support this
Nokia All windows devices support this feature plus others listed
Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6+ supports this feature
HTC All 2012 handsets support this and all upcomming handsets
Huawei All Smartphones support this but it requires the last version of software installed
RIM Feature is supported by BB 10 devices
Motorola Moto G 4G, Moto G 2nd Gen, Moto E 2nd Gen
Alcatel Pop S3, Idol3-4.7