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eir Cloud

Why choose eir Cloud

Resilient, Secure and Scalable Cloud Solutions from eir

  • Built on multiple data centre locations making it highly resilient and scalable
  • Supports the delivery of regulatory and technically compliant IT solutions via a global cloud infrastructure
  • Delivers high performance, secure and reliable connectivity into cloud host IT Solutions via eir’s next generation network
  • Our experienced engineers and network architects make your move to the cloud simple allowing you to focus on your core business activities
  • We manage the design, build and implementation of your cloud solution, guaranteeing seamless network integration
  • Our business support service includes SLA’s that span Public, Private and Hybrid environments and ISO approved processes and standards
Why choose eir Cloud

Our Network: High-Speed & Highly-Connected

Secure, high speed access to a virtual data centre of IT services

eir Cloud is connected directly to eir’s Next Generation Network, which means as an existing Next Generation Network customer your business can securely access a virtual IT service as if on your own network, with guaranteed levels of performance.

Extend your network to a global infrastructure

Enhance resilence and scalability with your existing on premises IT infrastructure by connecting to an eir Cloud Virtual Private Data Centre over a secure high performance network.

Our Network: High-Speed & Highly-Connected

Our Support: Managed Services Centre

Robust network. Robust service.

eir Cloud is managed within our service centre and underpinned by robust service level agreements that can be tailored to your business requirements and determined by your key business drivers.

Our Support:  Managed Services Centre
Amazon Web Services


From enterprise applications and big data projects to mobile apps, Amazon Web Services enable you to run virtually everything in the cloud.


Typical Applications: Running on Amazon Web Services

Business applications

BM Line-of-Business Applications

Big Data & High Performance Computing

Analytics for Consumer Web
Genome Sequencing
Large Scale Batch Processing

Web applications

Digital Media Distribution
Media Sharing
Social Media

Disaster Recovery & Archive

Backup & Recovery
Disaster Recovery

Typical Applications: Running on Amazon Web Services

Why businesses use Amazon Web Services

Lower IT cost

Additional text when you hover over the circle: Lower IT cost. Reduce overhead of servicing in-house IT infrastructure.


Flexible capacity

Additional text when you hover over the circle: Flexible capacity. Scale quickly and respond to changes in demand.


Flexible usage costs

Additional text when you hover over the circle: Flexible usage cost. Pay only for what you use.



Additional text when you hover over the circle: Reliability. A secure, highly resilient cloud platform with dedicated support.


Speed and agility

Additional text when you hover over the circle: Speed and agility. Develop and deploy applications faster


Why businesses use Amazon Web Services
AWS Direct Connect


AWS Direct Connect provides a cost effective alternative to using the internet to access eir Cloud services. It is a secure way of establishing a dedicated network connection from your premises to eir Cloud. It delivers private connectivity between eir’s virtual data centre and your own network.


What does the Next Generation Network mean for a business customer?

Security and performance benefits of dedicated private connections to the cloud at a lower cost

Accessing the cloud over the internet can be a challenge due to network latency. However customers on eir’s Next Generation Network can leverage the investments already made in a high performance dedicated network.

eir provide a consistent network experience, utilising a dedicated connection from your location directly into the eir Cloud. This allows the service hosted within your virtual datacentre become a logical extension of your own network.

What does the Next Generation Network mean for a business customer?
Data Centre Services

Data Centre Services

  • Tier III Certified Data Centres
  • ISO 27001 Certified Facilities
  • Highly Secure with 24/7 Manned and Uniformed Security on Site
  • 100% SLA on Electrical and Cooling Uptime
  • 24/7 Support
  • Data Centre Racks / Cages / Suites from 5KW to 2000KW available
Data Centre Services

At a Glance: Our Data Centres

60,000 ft. raised floor space configurable for
your needs, from single racks to full cages

Direct access to eir’s team of engineers

Dedicated 110 kV connection to national electricity grid

ISO 27001 Certified

Optional managed services including managed security, off-site
storage andbackup, remote hands and eyes and
managed server

Highest levels of fault tolerance, including N+1 and N+2 configurations in power and climate control

Exclusive direct transatlantic connectivity via Hibernia Atlantic node

At a Glance: Our Data Centres