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eir Inclusive

Great savings on local and national calls, mobile calls and calls to the UK and US

eir inclusive is a tailored package designed to fit the needs of business customers, with the flexibility to adapt as your business needs change.

It’s ideal for companies with multiple sites and accounts with eir. By pooling all your spend together you can maximise your discount level.

We know how business can change throughout the year so we’ve developed a simple tiered system of savings so you are guaranteed to save, even if your spend levels vary.

See table below which shows the eir Inclusive daytime rates:



Great savings on local and national calls, mobile calls and calls to the UK and US
Inclusive base rate
Inclusive 1
Inclusive 2
Inclusive 3
Inclusive 4
Local 4.27c 3.75c 3.61c 3.57c 3.43c
National 7.08c 3.75c 3.61c 3.57c 3.43c
Mobile - Vodafone 18.02c 15.94c 15.63c 15.48c 15.38c
Mobile - O2 17.34c 15.54c 15.23c 15.08c 14.99c
Mobile - Meteor 21.86c 17.77c 17.42c 17.25c 17.25c
Mobile - Three 24.12c 23.38c 22.92c 22.70c 22.65c
Tesco 24.16c 23.38c 22.93c 22.70c 22.70c
UK 12.69c 9.05c 8.97c 8.88c 8.69c
UK Mobile 28.57c 26.23c 25.97c 25.71c 25.71c
Eligible monthly call spend n/a €150 €300 €500 €1,250
Terms and Conditions

All prices quoted are per minute rates and exclude VAT. Minimum monthly call spend of €300 required. Increasing discount available based on your gross monthly spend on calls. 10 discount levels available. Entry to level 2 relevant for Small Business customers. Customers on Level 0 or above in addition receive an annual cash back loyalty bonus. 12 month contract applies.