Harness the power of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things

What is IoT? By connecting physical devices or things to the internet, and collecting and analysing the data they generate, businesses now have an enhanced insight into their machines and products, making it easier than ever to make informed decisions to improve performance. With our reliable nationwide network, coupled with our advanced analytics tools, connectivity solutions and hardware, we're ready to help you implement IoT within your organisation.

IoT Connect: Scalable IoT connectivity

Whether you're testing your IoT solution using a single SIM or launching a full-scale implementation, IoT Connect is a highly scalable, online management portal that helps you control every aspect of your SIM estate and network. You can also seamlessly connect to a private hosting environment for that extra layer of security.

SigFox: Low Power Wide Area connectivity

Ask about the Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) radio network from SigFox. This radio network can listen to all the data being generated by your devices without the need to establish and maintain a network connection. And because all network and computing complexity is managed in the cloud, rather than on the devices, Sigfox has very low energy consumption and communication module costs.

StickNTrack: Asset tracking solution

Track your valuable assets directly from the cloud. StickNTrack provides a tracking application, management platform and access for third party integrations, as well as reporting, alerting and tracking history features. With no need for configuration or infrastructure, you simply stick it on your assets and start tracking.

Wide range of IoT and M2M hardware

As an end-to-end IoT solutions provider we have a range of hardware and equipment that will enable you reliably connect your IoT devices. From power suppliers to routers, we can get your devices connected and broadcasting data quickly, and our expert team are always at hand to guide you as you choose your kit.

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