FAQ’s – IoT

FAQ's - IoT

What are eir Machine-to-machine Services?

eir Machine-to-machine services provide your company with cellular mobile connectivity (including global roaming), an online self-care portal to manage your SIM estate, along with a choice of private or Internet based network solutions. Whatever your business requirement, we can provide the IoT network to support it.

Do you provide static IP addresses?

Yes, we can provide you with private static IP addresses for your Internet of Things applications. Speak with your account manager about your specific requirements.

How do I manage my mobile estate?

We provide a real-time, online self-care portal that lets you manage, monitor and control your SIM estate. That includes activation and deactivation of your SIM cards, as well as analytics and reporting.

What if my connected devices cross borders – like a fleet of vehicles?

We have roaming agreements with more than 300 international partners, so your mobile assets will stay connected and continue to transmit data as they cross national boundaries.

Can I secure my machine-to-machine connections?

Yes, we provide you with a private network, including encrypted tunnels to your office local area network. For more information on security and encryption, speak with your account manager.

Will the service support video streaming?

Yes, we can support mobile video with 4G data speeds on our 4G network, which we’re continuing to build out across Ireland.

List of eir IoT Connect roaming partners