Keep track of your assets with SticknTrack

Safeguard your assets through continuous location monitoring


How does it work?

Simply attach the SticknTrack to your assets and keep track of their location, motion and daily usage. This GPS device keeps you in touch with your assets, ensuring you have ready access to relevant, actionable data.

By setting up geo-fencing on the device you can also make sure you know if your assets leave a predetermined area allowing you to take immediate action.


Effectively remotely monitor your assets via simple online tool

  • Access current and historical location and activity data
  • Track multiple and configure devices and alerts from one central account
  • Create multiple users, with permission level settings, within your organisation




Strong and secure, simple installation, long battery life

  • The device comes out of the box already enabled. The subscription only activates when you insert batteries.
  • The SticknTrack will wake up and send a start signal once it has detected movement in a similar direction three times within 10 seconds.
  • When the device hasn’t detected movement for five minutes, it will send a stop message and then go to sleep.
  • GPS co-ordinates are sent every 20 minutes.

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