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1. What is ISDN BRA?

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It is a digital phone line that allows you to send and receive voice, data, images and video conferencing over the one line. Your ISDN BRA includes two 64kbits channels and enables you to make two calls simultaneously.


2. What wiring is involved with getting a Hi-speed line?

The NT1+ unit will be located where you require, bearing in mind that it requires a power point within 2 metres of where the unit is to be positioned.


3. Can I connect an answering machine to my ISDN line?

An answering machine can be connected to either of the analogue Ports on the ISDN NT1+ Unit.


4. Can I use ISDN BRA straight away?

You can plug your analogue equipment into the telephone socket where the symbol appears on the eir ISDN Plug and Play unit. However to get the full benefits out of the line you will need to make sure that you have:-
A PC or laptop with windows 95 or a later version;-
An account with an ISP that supports digital access;-
An ISDN modem to achieve the speeds of up to 64K or 128K for 2-Channel access.


5. How much does it cost?

There is a once-off connection fee of €202.47 and monthly rental is €32.51. There is a once-off connection fee of €25.39 per 10 block of DDIs and monthly rental is €7.62. If you require more DDIs you can purchase additional 10 blocks or a 100 block for a once-off connection fee of €126.97, monthly rental is €63.49.


6. Do the call charges differ from normal analogue PSTN lines?

All call charges over an ISDN line are exactly the same as for PSTN (analogue) lines.


7. How many calls can I make at any one time?

You can make two simultaneous voice calls, two data calls or one digital voice call and one data call. If both channels are used together you will be charged for two calls.


8. How many digital phones, computers and other devices can I attach to the line at once?

Up to eight pieces of equipment can be connected to an ISDN or Hi-speed line, any two of which can be used simultaneously, but extension wiring is required. eir does not supply additional wiring.


9. If there is a power failure will my ISDN still work?

In the case of power failure limited service is still available. Only the phone connected to the 1st analogue port of the NT1+ will work.


10. What call management services can I avail of?

The following eir phone services are available with ISDN BRA:eir messaging, call forwarding*, call waiting, three-way calling, caller display and caller line restriction.Click here for more information on our phone services.
*Note: When Call Forwarding is activated, both numbers of the ISDN or Hi-speed line will be forwarded. Call forwarding per number is not available.


11. What do I need to connect to the internet?

You will need a PC or laptop with Windows 95 or a later version, an account with an ISP that supports digital access and an ISDN modem to achieve the speeds of 64Kbps or 128Kbps.


12. What is the Business Line 8 Hour Repair?

The Business Line 8 Hour Repair is our guarantee that we will fix your line within 8 working hours. This can be applied to your standard phone line (PSTN) or your ISDN Basic Rate (BRA) line. This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is based on a repair between normal business hours which are 08.30 to 17.00, Monday to Friday (excl. Bank Holidays).


13. Is this line any different from my normal telephone line?

No. Your telephone line will remain as normal. The only change will be the assurance of prioritised repair time on your phone line should a fault occur.


14. How much does the Business Line 8 Hour Repair cost?

The price will be added on to your existing telephone (PSTN) or ISDN BRA line rental. e.g. if you currently have a standard telephone line (PSTN), this costs €20.96 ex VAT per month. To avail of this SLA your new monthly charge will be €23.46 (rental + SLA). On your ISDN line the monthly charge will be €36.01 (€32.51 + €3.50).


15. Do I need to purchase extra equipment to avail of the Business Line 8 Hour Repair?

No. This is an SLA that exists on your standard PSTN or ISDN line, so once these are in place no extra equipment is needed