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Real benefits for your organisation

eir Managed Security benefits your organisation across a range of areas:



  • Protection of your brand and reputation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Guard your customers against identity theft
  • Limit corporate liability
  • Enhance corporate governance, risk and compliance (GRC) activity
Real benefits for your organisation


  • Free up valuable resources
  • Resolve incidents faster
  • Rapidly generate compliance reports
  • Access expert security skills on an opex basis


  • Faster intervention when attacks occur
  • Rapid pinpointing of the source of malicious traffic
  • Secure, more effective log management 24 hours a day
  • Protection against emerging threats



  • Retention of brand loyalty and good will
  • Reduction in risk
  • Enhanced stability of company and reputation
  • Reduced threat of fines
  • Consumption based pricing makes IT budget more predictable