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eir Business has partnered with the industry’s most trusted names in mobile device management

With solutions including Mobile Iron, AirWatch and BlackBerry, eir Business delivers a complete MDM portfolio for Irish businesses, including flexible deployment options:

  • Multi-platform support: deploy and manage content and mobile access for every operating system including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.
  • Secure corporate e-mail: drive down employee use of insecure webmail with dedicated secured apps for e-mail, calendar and contacts. Includes secure browsing tools for Web and intranet.
  • Manage and encrypt traffic: secure the traffic flows between the device and your corporate systems.
  • Enterprise app store: an approved catalog of in-house or third-party business apps; deploy, update and manage from one location.
  • Separate work from personal: offer and enforce secure work spaces for corporate applications and prevent file copy and sharing with built-in data leak protection capabilities.
  • App wrapping and scanning: wrap existing internal applications for added security and analyse apps before deployment to detect any risk factors.
  • Secure content locker: securely share and distribute corporate content, avoiding insecure third-party file sharing utilities.