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Your customer calls are the lifeblood of your business and telemarketing numbers are an essential part of any business’s customer contact strategy. eir’s wide range of customer contact numbers and advanced services help you to interact with your customers easily, efficiently and in a cost-effective way.

eir’s telemarketing numbers give your business a nationwide presence and enhance your customers’ experience. Calls can be answered more quickly and handled in the most efficient way in line with your business needs. We also offer the flexibility to adapt to changes in demand and reporting services to help optimise your customer contact strategy.

As Ireland’s longest established and leading provider of telemarketing services, eir is the provider you can trust when it comes to your customer calls and eir’s Next Generation capability provides you with a resilient and robust service you can reply on.



Benefits of Telemarketing Services

  • Nationwide presence

Telemarketing numbers can provide you with a national look and feel, allowing you to position your business to a much wider customer base. With a telemarketing number you are accessible to customers all over the country – you are never limited by your geographic location.

  • Customer experience

The customer experience you provide influences your customers’ decisions. A telemarketing number can enhance your customers’ perception of your business – research has shown that companies with telemarketing numbers appear substantial, professional and trustworthy. It can also act as a powerful market research tool, allowing you to communicate with your customers, while steadily building customer profiles for future planning.

  • Efficient

Efficient handling of your customers’ calls will reduce time and costs and help increase revenue. A telemarketing number can help you to manage your calls as efficiently as possible, ensuring that the call is answered by the person best suited to deal with the enquiry. This helps to match the customer experience delivered to what your customers expect.

  • Cost-effective

Telemarketing numbers are a cost-effective way to interact with your customers, both for you and your callers. They reduce the cost barrier for your customers to get in touch with you, resulting in increased sales opportunities for your business.

  • Next Generation Intelligent Network

Our unique state-of-the-art Next Generation Intelligent Network is used to deliver eir’s advanced voice services, such as our telemarketing numbers. This platform uses best-in-class technology to deliver a reliable and resilient voice services you can trust. You can be assured that you are using the most robust and advanced voice platform in Ireland for your critical telemarketing numbers.

Benefits of Telemarketing Services

Next Generation Network Intelligent Network

This offers a range of additional value-added features to further enhance your customer experience.


  • Origin-Dependent Routing

Have calls answered at the location nearest or most appropriate to the caller. Depending on where they are calling from, your customers can receive the most relevant response to their needs.


  • Time-Dependent Routing

Have calls answered at the location with the best resources available at that time. This features helps you get the best out of your customer service activity.


  • Percentage Routing

Load balance your calls across more than one location, controlling demand and costs at different locations.


  • Re-route on Busy, Re-Route on No Reply

Ensure no customer call goes unanswered, if one agent is busy calls can be routed to a free agent if available.


  • International Termination

All of the above features are available for calls answered internally as well as within Ireland. So, if you have a global dimension to your business, eir can seamlessly route calls to your international location if required. A list of applicable international locations is available from your eir account manager.


  • Mobile Termination

There may be times when you need to have your numbers diverted to a mobile. eir fully supports termination of all telemarketing numbers on national mobiles.



 Next Generation Network Intelligent Network
Call Types

Call Types

Freefone 1800

This is free to the caller regardless of whether they ring from a landline or from a mobile. The cost of the call is borne completely by the business providing the number. The cost of calls from mobiles is particularly high so this would not be recommended for businesses with a calling profile of mainly mobile.

Callsave 1850

The cost of the call is shared between the caller and the business providing the number. The caller pays a flat per call charge and the receiver pays for the call duration after an initial free seconds allowance has elapsed. Calls from mobiles are again charged at a higher rate than fixed line calls.

LoCall 1890

The cost to the caller is the same as a local call. The receiver is charged per call, regardless of duration. This is attractive for businesses with a high average call duration as they only incur a flat cost per call from fixed lines. Calls from mobiles still attract a cent per minute charge, however, it is still lower than the charge to 1800 or 1850.

International Freefone services

For global companies with a multinational presence we also offer a wide range of Freefone numbers from an extensive list of international locations. Powerful call routing technology, handles calls based on business rules you define, ensuring your callers are directed to the part of your business best suited to deal with their enquiry. Improve customer service for your clients worldwide, centralise your administrative functions and reduce costs all with eir’s International Freefone services.


Call Types