NGN IP Express

Fibre speeds for every site in your enterprise network

NGN IP Express

Discover the private IP networking solution at fibre speeds, built expressly for multi-site enterprises. It’s the ideal way to deliver high bandwidth to all of your branch sites.

NGN IP Express is the perfect way to deliver connectivity at guaranteed bandwidths up to 100Mbps for every branch site in your network. Now there’s no need for haves and have-nots in your enterprise when it comes to access bandwidth. Every branch site within our fibre footprint can now connect at fibre speeds, over a secure private network, for better productivity companywide.


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Extend your IP network to branches

NGN IP Express is ideal for organisations who want to extend the benefits of IP connectivity at the highest speeds, to every branch. It’s a cost-effective way to allow dozens or even hundreds of sites to come fully into the corporate WAN.

Excellent value for your investment

Enterprises can take advantage of this new opportunity to get much more from their network investment, with vastly improved bandwidth compared to that they currently receive for branch sites connected by ADSL or legacy technologies.


Building on eir’s fibre network

eir’s ongoing Next Generation Network (NGN) rollout has already brought fibre to more than 1 million Irish businesses and homes. NGN IP Express builds on that investment, bringing NGN fibre speeds to company branch sites, with the added reassurance of private IP connectivity.

A network ready for voice and video

Because NGN IP Express builds on new high-capacity access technologies, it’s ready to support the bandwidth hungry applications businesses need, both now and in future, including voice and video-based services. Bandwidth requirements will only rise, across every organisation, and the solution is an ideal way to future-proof.

Part of our complete private networking portfolio

When planning the network that will unify your business, NGN IP Express is just one of your options, part of our complete portfolio of NGN private networking services built for business. Offering dedicated connectivity that does not touch the Internet, all these solutions are built on eir’s own secure MPLS IP network. The portfolio incorporates a range of services suitable for all needs, in terms of bandwidth, reliability and cost.


Faster connectivity to head office

Allow each one of your branches to connect into your data centre or headquarters site at fibre speeds up to 100Mbps, improving access to centrally hosted applications.

Faster upload and download

Enterprises know that upload speeds can be a pinch point for productivity; NGN IP Express offers uploads at up to 20 Mbps.


FAQ's - NGN IP Express

Does this service allow branches to connect to a company network?

Yes. NGN IP Express provides a secure mechanism for each enterprise branch site to access corporate IP networks, utilising the NGA access network and built on secure MPLS technology. The product complements our fibre-based NGN IP VPN service.

What services does NGN IP Express support?

The high bandwidths and Quality of Service on NGN IP Express make it ideal for customers wanting to run voice and video applications, offsite backups, or mission-critical enterprise applications where performance is critical. QoS support ensures that delay-sensitive applications are prioritised over the network.

What options are available?

Companies utilising NGN IP Express may also be interested in AssureNet, eir’s managed network service, which provides proactive oversight of the performance and availability of an enterprise’s wide-area network. For more information on AssureNet, speak with your account manager.

What access speeds are offered?

NGN IP Express is available at the following maximum speeds:

Download               Upload
Mbps                       Mbps
100                          20
70                            18
50                             8