FAQ’s – NGN IP Express

FAQ's - NGN IP Express

Does this service allow branches to connect to a company network?

Yes. NGN IP Express provides a secure mechanism for each enterprise branch site to access corporate IP networks, utilising the NGA access network and built on secure MPLS technology. The product complements our fibre-based NGN IP VPN service.

What services does NGN IP Express support?

The high bandwidths and Quality of Service on NGN IP Express make it ideal for customers wanting to run voice and video applications, offsite backups, or mission-critical enterprise applications where performance is critical. QoS support ensures that delay-sensitive applications are prioritised over the network.

What options are available?

Companies utilising NGN IP Express may also be interested in AssureNet, eir’s managed network service, which provides proactive oversight of the performance and availability of an enterprise’s wide-area network. For more information on AssureNet, speak with your account manager.

What access speeds are offered?

NGN IP Express is available at the following maximum speeds:

Download               Upload
Mbps                       Mbps
100                          20
70                            18
50                             8