Roam Away FAQs

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Roam Away FAQs

Do I need to do anything to get my roaming allowances?

No, from June 15th we will automatically make these changes for you.


How can I check how much data I have while roaming?

When you arrive in your EU destination, we will send you a text with instructions on how to check your available balance while roaming.


What happens if I’m already receiving EU roaming allowances?

From June 15th, existing voice, text and data roaming bundles will end and will be replaced by roam like at home, which allows customers to use their allowances domestically or while roaming within the EU (subject to Fair Use Policies set out in EU Roaming Regulations). This is in line with EU Roaming Regulation requirements.


Will you send me data text alerts while roaming?

We will send you an alert when you have used up your available EU data allowance. Remember you can always turn on your WiFi if you want to save your data allowance for when you get home.


What’s not included when you are roaming?

Free eir to eir mobile calls and texts and free calls to landlines will not be available while roaming and will be deducted from any available allowances. If you have no available allowances you will be charged at standard rates.