Overview – Roam Away

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Overview - Roam Away

Great news, from June 15th, you can now use your mobile plan across the EU, just like you do at home. This means you can use calls, texts and data from your plan while travelling in the EU. test


Here’s what it means for you:

  • Calls & Texts: You can use your calls and texts anywhere in the EU and they will be deducted from your allowances as they would at home.


  • Data: If you have a data allowance at home you can use this data while you roam in the EU. Please make sure to check what you have available at the time of roaming. You can do this by following the instructions in the text we’ll send you when you arrive at your EU destination.



Free eir to eir mobile calls and texts and free calls to landlines will not be available while roaming and will be deducted from any available allowances. If you have no available allowances you will be charged at standard rates.

If you are using calls, texts or data outside your allowances or if you don’t have an allowance you will be charged the same standard rates as at home. Don’t worry, we will send you data usage alerts to help you manage your available data allowances.