FAQ’s – SIP Voice

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FAQ's - SIP Voice


What is eir SIP Voice?

SIP Voice is the new VoIP service from eir Business, developed over the first geo-redundant IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystems) in Ireland. SIP Voice connects your PBX telephone equipment to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) directly over an IP-based data link such as IP-VPN or Internet.


What do I need to get started with SIP Voice?

To use SIP Voice, you require a suitable eir IP-VPN, NGN, NGB or NGA broadband service, plus compatible customer premises equipment. Your eir Account Manager or Sales Manager will be able to provide these to you, if you don’t already have them.


Why do I need an eir IP-VPN or Internet connection for SIP Voice?

To provide high quality voice service over a data connection, we recommend that you use an eir IP-VPN or internet connection, so that you get the best service possible. For good quality carrier-class voice, it’s essential that your solution be provisioned and configured over an eir data service that can be monitored properly. This is necessary to protect call quality.


Why do I need a particular equipment type?

Each equipment supplier has a particular implementation of SIP, hence a certain configuration has to be applied. We have tested against certain models of Cisco, Avaya and Oneaccess (global and European leaders in the provision of VoIP equipment). We will work to grow the list of approved equipment vendors and keep you updated on additions.


Is SIP Voice for everyone?

SIP Voice is suitable for clients that want to optimise their communication services, by having one infrastructure that will deliver multiple services. SIP Voice has three different components — data, CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) and voice — and eir Business can provide all components as a turnkey solution.


Will my existing equipment work with this new protocol?

Your existing CPE might already be compatible with eir SIP Voice. Where this is not possible, it is usually the case that a modest upgrade is needed; alternatively eir can offer excellent value on new equipment for your organisation.


How long will it take to configure my equipment?

The change work will be scheduled in advance and depending on your exact requirements will take on average approx.  2 – 3 hours.


I don’t have any IT resource; who can help me?

eir can offer all the elements for delivering this solution, including IP PBXs, traditional PBXs, Gateways and Session Border Controllers, plus services for the design, implementation and support of the system.


Do I have to purchase the equipment from eir?

No; however, purchasing equipment from eir will help ensure compatibility and proper configuration.


What additional features can I get with SIP Voice?

Advanced features include bursting (a short-term increase in call capacity, with no long-term commitment); and All intra Company fixed and mobile calls are free (Note – subject to the fixed & mobile service operating over the eir IMS)


What other developments are planned?

We are future-proofing our network to meet growing demand in IP services and to bring together fixed voice, mobile and data networks into one network. Our investment in IMS & SIP will enable greater FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) and collaboration for our fixed, mobile and ICT customers, bridging & bringing together fixed voice, mobile and data networks into one network. Future services include Hosted Office (a Cloud PBX solution), Hosted Call Recording and Collaboration (IM& Presence, Audio &Video).


How resilient is the SIP Voice service?

Continuity of voice service is absolutely critical.  We understand that most of our customers cannot function without reliable, resilient inbound and outbound calling. eir SIP Voice offers unprecedented peace of mind in a VoIP service because it is a Tier-1, carrier class service located in Ireland, provided over the eir network. It’s a reliable, business class service with toll-quality calls, supported 24 hours a day by our ISO20000-accredited customer service organisation. eir SIP Voice rests on Ireland’s only geo-redundant IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), with core infrastructure repeated across two sites.