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Meet the evolving needs of your business with networked solutions that have security at the core. We help your business become more responsive to change, so you're ready, whatever happens.


If downtime isn't an option, discover why companies trust eir business for the most reliable connectivity find out more

Managed Security

Find holes in your network and systems before attackers do, with 24/7 vigilance from our experts find out more


Improve your management of mobile devices and find new ways to enhance field-staff productivity find out more

Managed Services

Discover the technology partnership that lets you get back to focusing on your core business find out more

Voice & Collaboration

Bring customers closer with superb voice quality, intelligent routing & multichannel collaboration find out more


Test and scale your Internet of Things project with our dedicated network and easy-to-manage tools. find out more

Public Sector

Embrace digital transformation and meet changing citizen needs with robust, secure networked solutions. We help your organisation become more flexible, so you can face the future confidently. More than 80,000 organisations trust eir to deliver the security, IOT, managed services, mobility, voice and networking solutions that power their productivity and enhance their efficiencies.

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