Roaming in New Zealand

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Call, Text and Data Charges

Calls (Per Minute)
Calls to Ireland landlines / mobiles
peak / off peak
€1.89 / €1.89
Local calls to landlines / mobiles
peak / off peak
€1.89 / €1.89
Calls to UK landlines / mobiles
peak / off peak
€1.89 / €1.89
Receiving Calls
peak / off peak
€1.89 / €1.89

Texts (per message)

Sending a text message
Receiving a text message


Mobile Internet WAP / ISP Data (Per MB)
PAYG Broadband roaming day pass (For 50MB)
Broadband To Go Roaming (Per MB)

Designation of countries / bands is at eMobile's sole determination.Call rates are billed and quoted per minute. Excludes video calling. Calls received includes calls received via voicemail. Data is quoted per MB and charged per KB.

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Prices correct as of 01/07/2013. Excludes VAT.