SMB Roaming

EU roaming is now included in our small business plans.
Call us on 1800 242 556 or International +35314688530

Travelling Abroad

Roaming in the UK, EU and USA included in all eir Mobile business plans.  You can use your bundle of minutes, texts and data allowance* while roaming within UK, EU and USA!


How do I set up roaming?

New eir Mobile customers, excluding Mobile Broadband, will be set up to roam automatically within 5 days of joining the network. You will receive a text message from eir Mobile to let you know that this service has been applied to your account.
Please call a member of our Business Care team on 1800 299 799  before you travel to ensure that you are set up to use your phone when abroad.

While you are abroad

As soon as you arrive at your destination your mobile will automatically look for networks to use based on how strong the other operator’s signals are. Once your phone has connected to a network, you will receive a text with the details of the local roaming charges for calls, texts and data.
Please note that other operator charges may vary.

Using data while abroad

If you want to use data while abroad, check your settings to ensure data roaming is switched on. Before you travel view our list of network partners at your destination to ensure you select a network with working data.

Controlling data costs

Before travelling, please check to see if your mobile plan has data roaming allowances in the country you are travelling to as part of the plan benefits. If you do not have a data roaming allowance, you will be charged separately per KB.

Using data abroad can be expensive, so we’ve devised some tips to help you control your data costs:


If you are using a smartphone, a lot of applications use data running in the background, e.g. email, weather updates, software updates etc. Check your application settings to make sure there are no automatic updates turned on.
Google Maps: If you are using Google Maps for navigation, please note that 30 seconds of navigation by car uses on average 20-30MB of data. You can cache regions where you plan to travel. Visit Google Maps help for more details.
*  1GB data roaming (USA) now included in our eir Mobile Business plans
Out of Bundle Rates

Roaming Rates

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Mobile Internet Abroad

1GB data roaming (USA) now included in our eir Mobile Business plans


Managing your data costs while abroad

If you use your mobile internet when you are abroad, we recommend that you purchase our great value roaming data add-on.

To help you manage your data costs when accessing the internet on your mobile or using mobile broadband while travelling anywhere in the world, we have launched data roaming notifications and a spending cap in line with new data roaming regulation.

How does this work?

A spend cap of €60 is automatically applied to your account.

When you reach 80% of your limit, i.e. €48, you will receive a text notification. When the €60 data roaming spend limit is reached, you will receive another notification requesting you to confirm whether you wish to continue to use your data.