eir is the mobile network trusted by more than 1 million customers

A superb mobile network isn’t effortless, it just looks that way

Fergal McCann Director of Mobile Networks at eir

Fergal McCann

Director of Mobile Networks for eir


A mobile network is like the ground beneath your feet: when it’s supporting you as it should, you hardly think about it. At eir we’re investing to continually enhance the voice and data experience on our mobile network, which is now trusted by more than 1 million customers every day. If you’re not already a customer, here are a few great reasons to try our mobile service.

Network performance that’s leading the way

Independent tests show that the speed and quality of our mobile data service are leading the market in Ireland. That means you can rely on eir as you go about your daily lives, enjoying the fastest mobile data in Ireland coupled with fewer dropped calls and crystal clear HD voice. With eir our average 3G data speeds are now over 6Mb/s while our average 4G Data speeds now exceed 26Mb/s throughout Ireland. We’re not stopping here: we’re significantly extending our 4G network throughout Ireland in 2016 and focussed on delivering high speed 4G Data to every town, community and business in Ireland.

One vendor across the network

Ever wonder what’s under the bonnet of a telecoms network? Probably not, unless you’re an engineer! But we all know the benefit of keeping things simple and placing trust in the right partner. That’s why the eir network has been built with one, global, market-leading mobile network partner: Ericsson. We’ve removed the complexity of multi vendors and getting them to talk and work together; our deep partnership with Ericsson means we can give customers the latest technology innovation and quickly identify and resolve an issue when things don’t go to plan. Ericsson, like eir, has played a pivotal role in developing Ireland’s economy through its investment in technology, innovation and people; we’re proud to continue our partnership with Ericsson to deliver the most reliable mobile network in Ireland, bar none.

Committed to tackling the digital divide

One reason we’re so excited about the eir mobile network is that it traverses any digital divide in Ireland; we aim to deliver exceptional mobile performance everywhere and not just in urban areas. We’ve been working hard to build new sites, enhance and upgrade existing sites, resolve coverage blackspots and make high speed data available everywhere and anytime. Our customers see and experience the improvements every day and we’re thrilled to see the mentions on social media about how the eir mobile network is enhancing our customers’ lives.

A better commute, however far you’re going

Many of our customers are spending a lot of time on the road and like myself integrate their commutes into their working day. We recognise the increased value to our customers of voice and data mobility on our national routes. eir continues its focus on upgrading and enhancing our network to deliver a seamless voice and data experience, from early morning to late night. At eir we want our network to enable your efficiency and productivity, allowing you to always stay in touch with your customers or colleagues from Louth to Wexford and Cork to Donegal.

We’re with you

eir has the largest team of skilled and experienced engineers in Ireland, meaning we are never far away to resolve any issue. With a truly national network of engineers, our teams pride themselves on delivering an always-on mobile network that serves the communities they’re from, the communities that they live in.

We make things happen

eir has truly transformed its mobile network in the last 18 months, but we’re not stopping here… we’ll continue our hard work to ensure you get the best mobile experience in Ireland

If you would like to hear more about our mobile service speak with your account manager or visit eir.ie/business 

Picture of the award that eir was awarded fastest mobile broadband provider in Ireland at the Switchers, April 2016


eir was awarded fastest mobile broadband provider in Ireland, following independent testing conducted by Switcher, April 2016.

eir was selected from thousands of real customer mobile broadband speed test results collected on the Switcher.ie website in the last 12 months. eir were deemed the fastest provider based on average speed across all recorded real life customer speed tests.

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