eir Fibre FAQ

  • What speed should I expect to get?

    The speed of a broadband package will determine how much you can do simultaneously online. High speed broadband is useful for those who may have multiple devices.

    Factors that affect broadband speed include:

    • Location – Urban areas typically have faster broadband connection although for ADSL and some types of fibre broadband, the distance from the telephone exchange also contributes to the speed you may get.
    • Connection Type – Fibre Broadband is currently the fastest on the market, followed by ADSL connections which are typically faster than mobile broadband connections.
    • Congestion – When the network you are using has congestion, your internet speeds are slowed down by many connections trying to use the network at the same time. Network congestion should only be temporary as it depends on the current usage of the entire network. If you find your internet is slow all the time, you may have speed issues. Data congestion may occur between your devices and your modem. We recommend that only 5 or less devices should be actively using the internet at one time, if you have more than this, you should be fine if some of those devices aren’t actively using the internet, or if they don’t need much data flow, such as normal browsing of the internet.

    Contention Ratio is the number of users sharing the same data capacity. The lower the contention ratio the higher the quality of service. A 50:1 contention ratio means that up to 50 broadband customers are sharing the same bandwidth at any one time.

  • What Services can I expect with eir Fibre?

    A new modem

    Receive a new modem for FREE with the latest
    in wireless technology which delivers a faster
    wireless broadband service over multiple devices.

    Internal network

    Create your own internal network to share data
    storage and printing facilities with multiple users
    via a simple USB connection.

    Network hardware upgrade

    When your fibre broadband is being installed,
    your existing wiring infrastructure (Network
    Termination Unit) will be upgraded to ensure you
    have the most up to date wiring in your premises.
    We will also move your modem free of charge
    up to 30 meters from the NTU so you can place
    your broadband device wherever best suits you.

    Broadband support

    When moving to fibre broadband you get access
    to our business broadband technical support team
    to get you up and running.

    We configure your devices

    Our installation engineer will install and configure
    your new eir Fibre modem and even assist in the
    configuration of up to two devices (e.g. laptop,
    smartphone or computer).

    Better stability

    Your fibre broadband service connection on
    eir’s Next Generation Network has increased
    stability and resilience. This means your broadband
    speeds are consistent throughout the day, even
    at peak times.