• How to accept roaming terms and conditions:

    When you land, you will receive an alert welcoming you to the network. This means that you are now roaming. In order to continue roaming, you will need to accept the roaming terms and conditions link that appear on your handset.

  • How to accept data cap roaming alert:

    When you reach your data roaming threshold, you will receive an alert. You can choose to accept the charges and continue data roaming. To do this, you will need to click on the link in the alert.

    • Click on the url in the alert


    Web acceptance page will appear with the following text:


    • Subscribers must click YES
    • Once you click ‘Yes’ on this notification you can then access the internet.
    • You will then receive a free text message when you have reached €48 of data (80% of the €60 limit)
    • When the €60 data roaming spend limit is reached another notification will appear on your screen   requesting you to confirm whether you wish to continue to data roam. If you choose to proceed then the above process will continue – this is obligation as per EU regulation
  • How to manually select a roaming partner of your choice:

    When roaming, handset will pick the network. If there is an issue with this network, you can manually accept a roaming partner of your choice.

  • How to manually select a network:

    Please refer to your handset manufacturer’s user guide.