Moving Premises FAQ

  • How much notice should I give when moving premises?

    It is advisable to give as much notice as possible, but you will need to give at least three weeks notice for everything to be arranged or five weeks if you want Broadband at your new site.

  • How do I place an order for moving my telephone lines?

    To order telephone lines you can contact eir’s Business Service Centre on 1800 601 701 or visit

  • How long will it take to get my telephone lines installed?

    This depends on the type of line and number of lines you require. Here is a list of standard lead-times. Please note all lead times are dependent on a site survey: PSTN 5-10 working days; ISDN (Bra) 10-15 working days; ISDN (Pra/Fra) 6-8 weeks; Private Circuits 6-8 weeks; eir Telephone Systems 10-15 working days.

  • How long does it take before I can get Broadband installed and is it available to everyone?

    Broadband can only be installed on an existing telephone line. Therefore, we will only be in a position to test a line for Broadband suitability after it has been installed in your new premises. This means that from the time your telephone line is installed and it qualifies for Broadband, it can take up to 10 working days to have active Broadband.

  • Can I keep my Broadband connection up to the day I move premises?

    Yes, you must advise at time of placing an order for your move that you wish to keep your Broadband until you have moved into your new premises.

  • Can I take my existing telephone number(s) with me when I move?

    If you are moving within an area that is covered by your current telephone exchange, then you should be able to keep your telephone number. In the event that you are moving outside your current telephone exchange, eir can arrange to have calls to your old telephone number forwarded to your new premises. Alternatively, we can organise to set up an extended absence greeting which allows you to set up a message on your old telephone number advising of your move and new telephone numbers.

  • If I have to change my telephone number, will I know my new number in advance?

    Telephone numbers will not be guaranteed until the day of the move and the telephone lines have been installed and tested.

  • Can I get help with moving my telephone system?

    eir Business Systems will move eir telephone systems . We will not move phone systems belonging to any other company. However, a move is the ideal opportunity for you to upgrade to a new eir business telephone system. Email us at:

  • What charges will I have to pay when I move premises?

    Prices vary depending on the type of line or service that is selected. Please see the links below for product price breakdown: Phoneline prices Phonelines Broadband packages Broadband.

  • How can I minimise the impact of the move on my business?

    To ensure that you do not miss any calls to your old number, eir offers a call diversion service. This service allows you to forward calls from your old premises to your new premises and or a designated mobile number. This service is particularly useful on the day of your move. (Note: calls forwarded are charged at the standard cost).