Plant Alteration FAQ’s

  • Is there a process in place if I wish to request to make alterations to an eir external plant?

    eir have a plant alteration process in place which deals with requests to make alterations to eir external plant by request of a third party (Such as movement of poles etc).

  • How should I submit my request?

    Submit your request in writing to eir. This can either be via post, fax or email to the following addresses:

    or to our fax number 01 4286290 or in writing to
    Postal address :
    Plant Alterations,
    eir AEH,
    Keanes Rd.,

  • What details should I include in my request?

    Your request should include the following details:

    • Name and billing address
    • Site address if different
    • Land and mobile telephone numbers
    • Brief summary of job request
  • What happens once my request is received by eir?

    Once the written request is receipted eir will issue you (the customer) with a survey invoice for EUR 300 exc vat. This fee is non-refundable, however it is deducted from the final cost of the job should the customer choose to proceed. Once the survey fee has been paid, eir will endeavour to complete the survey within 10 working days.

    On completion of the survey, a quotation will then be prepared and an invoice forwarded to you (initial survey fee will be deducted).

    eir requires payment in full before work commences. Once full payment has been made, eir will endeavour to complete the job within 2 months.